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ZS Acoustics

Floor standing audio speaker:

Dynaudio-ZS Acoustics Emit M30 Special Edition

It is a modified, sound - enhanced special edition of the Emit M30 floor standing audio speaker. It is modified for the sole purpose of playing to the best of its ability. The manufacturer of the original speaker system took into account several aspects (expectations of the average customer, price, appearance, etc.), which led to compromises. These presented modification, eliminated the compromises. Except for the loudspeakers, the speaker box and the crossover concept, everything was changed.

The best Mundorf capacitors MCap SUPREME SilverGold.Oil are used in the crossover.

The capacitors use high-purity silver and more than 1% pure gold deposited on a polypropylene foil, and the entire coil is impregnated with a special oil. The capacitors thus acquire properties that provide beautiful sound stage and detailed sound with smooth tones.

Furthermore, the best foil coils from Mundorf are used in the crossover. They are made of OFC oxygen-free copper. Electrical and thermal conductivity is the highest in OFC cabling compared to other types of copper. This allows for homogeneous properties and stable behavior. See coil vibration graph. Mundorf foil coils have the lowest vibration and therefore reduce microphone interference. Dynaudio also uses foil coils in the Evidence and Consequence Ultimate Edition series. This achieved a significant reduction in the microphoning of the crossover. The microphone interference is caused by the vibration of the crossover components due to vibrations from the sound in the loudspeaker, which causes interference in the sound.

Instead of ceramic resistor, M-Resist Ultra custom-made copper-manganese film resistors from Mundorf are used in the crossover, which have no inductance compared to ceramic ones. The resulting sound at higher frequencies does not sound as grainy as when using the original ceramic resistors and have a natural sound delivery.

The ZS Acoustics Baritone foil speaker cable (optional) is used for the internal cabling. Solder is used instead of Faston connectors to connect speakers. Everything is soldered with high-quality AudioQuest tin with silver content and without lead.

Inside the speaker boxes, high-quality sound-absorbing sheep wool is used, precisely processed for this purpose, which has better balanced sounding properties than the synthetic acoustic foam originally used. Synthetic acoustic foam dampens to much high frequencies, so it kills high tones. Internal reflections partly at high frequencies penetrates through the loudspeaker diaphragm, so the absorption of the material inside the box is important not only at low frequency. The 3.6 Khz low-midrange woofer plays at minus 6db volume.

I recommend a high-quality amplifier for the speakers so that the sound properties stand out more. With a good amplifier, they also emit lower frequencies than originally described by Dynaudio in the technical data.

Although these changes increased the cost of the speaker, the sound reproduction improved so much that it paid off. The Dynaudio-ZS Acoustics Emit M30 speaker system has acquired such sound properties with this modification, which even some expensive higher models do not have and competes with them in terms of sound.

I highly recommend listening to it.

The modified, sound-enhanced Dynaudio-ZS Acoustics Emit M30 floor standing audio speaker has a 2-year warranty

Price 3400 €   with internal cabling speaker cables ZS Acoustics Baritone 4400 €

Technical specifications:

- 28 mm tweeter with soft dome

- Dual system, 17 cm midrange speakers with MSP diaphragm

- Extremely light aluminum coils

- Fixed cast aluminum speaker baskets

- Phase-balanced dual-band crossover

- Low resonant MDF baffle with 25mm thick front wall

- Sensitivity 86 dB (2.83 V / 1 m)

- IEC power consumption 200 W

- Impedance 4 Ohm

- Frequency responses 40 Hz - 23 kHz (± 3 dB) with integrated amplifier NAD-ZS Acoustics C375BEE in 25m2 large listening room, I measured from 25Hz

- 2-band baffle type + rear bass reflex

- Dimensions (W x H x D) 204x960x275mm Weight 20.0 kg.

Listening to it

Dynaudio Magazine

Watch the video about test by Matthew, Roman and Zalan Schuster, English Subtitles

Watch the  video about test by Dodi, Szabolcs and Zalan Schuster, English Subtitles

Vibration of coils.jpg

The table shows the absorption coefficients of sheep wool (red) compare to the acoustic foam.

Sheep wool is more balanced and more effective at low frequencies than foam. Higher frequencies are absorbed too much by the foam compared to the middle and low tones, so we hear the reflection of the sound as if it were making the high tones dead.

Measurements and more info:

Sound absorbing materials Professor Phil Joseph

Characterization of Sheep Wool as a Sustainable

Material for Acoustic Applications

Dynaudio-ZS Acoustics Emit M10